Victoria Holt

Enjoyed: I love Holt too!

A Book and a Short Latte

My first Victoria Holt novel, I found squished in the stacks of my middle school library. I was the first person to check it out, though it had undoubtedly been sitting on the shelf for over a decade. I took it home, read it, loved it, returned it, and promptly forgot the title as it was pushed aside by final projects and end-of-year activities.

One morning, strolling the aisles of the school library my sophomore year of high school, I picked a book off the shelf at random and took it home to read after class. Two pages in, I knew that I had found that long-forgotten book once again, and greedily proceeded to reread it. Bride of Pendorric was just as engrossing the second time as it had been the first, and I returned to the library the next day eager to find more books under Holt’s name. The library only had two more of her novels, both of…

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