Short Stories

Short stories – what I love to do! My goal is to write three short stories a month for discipline and practice on my craft!

I have many on for FREE! I will be adding novellas soon. I enjoy Smashwords because I not only get a free ISBN number (writing share alert!) but I also enjoy the writers I have networked with: both indie and traditional.

Here are a few samples of my short stories. I design many of my own covers at (writing share alert!) to save money – creating digital publishing is expensive. Learn the tricks of the trade (writing share alert!) to save money.

1Black_and_whitebook_cover (2)A Whiff Of Charliedifferent shadejekyll

Interested in learning more about the craft of writing short stories? Here are some of my favorite links:

Getting started:

Great examples:

Examples from Stephen King:

Write and sell tips:

Kurt….at his best:

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