On My Third Anniversary, My Damn Dog Gave To Me….A Bow Wow and Entry

damn dog

Or, better yet, my son’s first breaking and entry….

Well, his hands and head, anyway.

Yes, indeed, fans! The story rhymes – and it’s true.


According to my son (who came back all sweaty and had the stench of white teenage boy odor), our Boston Terrier (or should I say “TERROR”) got out, ran away, and disappeared. Better yet: I’ll call the Boston Terror, “damn dog.”

My poor fourteen year old son ran up and down the neighborhood for forty minutes, crying for his damn dog.

And then….

He saw the damn dog across from a neighbor’s house….He yells, “TEDDY” into the night…And Teddy, the Boston Terror (or “damn dog”), goes through a doggie door into someone’s house.

Yes, you got that.

Let me say that again: our damn dog went through the doggie door at 12:00 midnight into someone’s house.

He did a Bow Wow and Entry.

My son follows behind the damn dog, putting his brave head INSIDE the doggie door, quietly calls for the pooch to come to him, and the damn dog toddles back, licks his face, and walks out the doggie door of the neighborhood.

Not a single light came on. No-one knows.

But I can blog it. It is over. Thank you, Lord Jesus!

So, happy anniversary from the damn dog: who had my child’s head (if not body) commit his first offense legally: the “putting inside one’s head and hands” to retrieve his damn dog during the dead of a Sunday night and early Monday morn.

Praise God for people that sleep – and a damn dog who is either the STUPIDEST creature on earth or has a sense of humor for his owner’s third anniversary gift: laughter and hugging her child (and ignoring the damn dog who deserves not pet or praise).

“A Bow Wow and Entry” – original, huh?

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