As Greta Use to Say… GO FOR IT!


In high school, I had a friend named Greta.

I think she was – is – by far, one of the greatest people. When I got fearful – or when I doubted myself – Greta would say, “Anne, GO FOR IT. Stop doubting yourself!”

Her motto, said thirty years ago, still rings in my ears. It is the best advice anyone has ever given me.

My life has taken many twists and turns. I made many choices – good, bad, and ugly. I’ve also thrown my body over people to protect them – been an enabler – been a wife (twice) – been a daughter – been a sister to a special needs sibling –  been a school librarian – been a school teacher – been a homeschooling mother. The Great Recession changed my life forever – and I’m still trying to get my head above water. Still trying to find who I am – or who I will become.

Last fall, I returned to graduate school. I gave myself six months to try it. I attended my alma mater to see if I could make the grade. You see, I’ve been out of graduate school since I was 23. Yes, I graduated in 1995 – with a 3.5 GPA. I later used that degree to be a school librarian. My fall semester at my alma mater? I nailed a 4.0. How’s that for 21 years out, with a full course load?

That’s damn good – except I didn’t want the degree I sought. Sure, it guaranteed me security. In six months, I learned much about things and I am so glad I did it. But in the end, I decided to do what I really wanted to do: go for my MLIS (Master of Information Science). I wanted it in 1993. I wanted it in 1995. I wanted it in all my years as a school librarian – and now? I’m going to get it.

My MAT is respectful. My GPA on my undergraduate and graduate are awesome. And I have financial aid (also known as debt). I am looking into several MLIS programs, including my family’s alma mater (note the term “family” – my grandmother, aunt, father, and grandfather attended this top SEC university. We like to say this university built the House of Hendricks. Well, I am hoping they accept me to do remodeling, find me again – be me again. Note I use “me” on purpose.

I want my life back.

I visit on Friday. With my heart in my chest and my son graduated from homeschool in late January of 2017, I am doing what my old friend use to encourage me to do…

I am GOING FOR IT! It is time to get my life started again.

I will still write. I still want a media center. I still want my MLIS.

I’m going to go get what I want. Life doesn’t come to people who wait.

It comes to those that go for it.

Just like Greta said.

Wish me luck!


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