2017: Let’s Get Manuscripts Moving…

It is one hour and thirty nine minutes into 2017.

I spent the evening with friends, danced with my husband (twice), and my son was actually waiting on us to pick him up on time.

Gee. The year is off pretty well…

This year, I celebrate my one year anniversary with A Woman’s Choice and I still remain in happy dance mode that the e-book has found a path into the post abortive community. I will always have the book on free download at Smashwords – because the book was written to help women. My book anniversary is this month: and the year went by fast… I had a total of 86 women contact me (several by cell phone – I’m not that hard to find!) to tell me that “Banner” was the voice they needed. I love Banner too – and yes, the “Mother” was the favorite character. Thank you for welcoming Banner into your hearts: she has long been in mine.

What are my writing goals for 2017?

*Attend ONE book conference

*Focus on participating in the 365 Writing Club challenge

*Participate in Storystorm

*No NaNoWriMo in 2017: I have two years worth of books to edit and launch (and those are tabled for 2017)

*Focus on my interest in children’s nonfiction

*Publish at least three short stories as Saxon Childress

*Complete my Harry Burns’ biography and seek traditional publishing with it.

*Join a local writing support group

If you look at those goals, they are doable. As a writer – in the indie world – I still desire traditional publishing. I desire hybrid status – I want both – I always did. As a librarian, I think I always did.

I’m still in grad school full-time. I pulled a 4.0 this semester – after being out of grad school since 1995. This is my second Masters – and if I even think of a doctorate after I graduate in the spring of 2018, please remind me of the term “sticker shock.”

So, 2017, as Tina Turner once sang, “You better be good to me…” Or really?

I better be good to myself – and work towards my goals!



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