Have Lysol, Will Get Well

Have you ever walked around with Lysol – because YOU were the cootie bug in your house? What if it “hits” right before your free LegalShield Rewards Vacation to Cancun?

PHISSSSSSSHHHHH with “That would suck!”

Remember, Anne, spray: doorknobs, surfaces, fridge door, cell phones, telephone, TV, remote controls, and the list goes on.

We have no clue how or what caused the cootie bug – now called the “Summer of My Discontent” – into our household. My husband returned home healthy and happy from his business trip. I often tease him that women who are “pre-owned” (meaning, I am remarried) are trained to know how to hold someone’s head over a basin and have a degree in Dr. Wife and Dr. Mom. The poor man suffered the stomach bug for three days – and as fast as it had arrived: it was gone.

From him.

My illness lasted a week and a half. I didn’t eat solid foods for a week. The week and a half included three emergency room visits, two changes in nausea medications, driving myself to the emergency room twice, and hearing a nurse whisper, “She should be admitted.” I was terrified, thought I may have something worse than the cootie bug, and indeed, it was a bacterial infection they are now, as I am on my feet again and can actually eat, treating me with two antibiotics. I received the very best care from the Spalding Regional ER and I cannot thank them enough for the hours and hours the staff and a doctor put in to help me. Due to my doctor being out of the country and my in-network issues, I was not able to get into an appointment – one downside to the insurance I have. But Spalding Regional – got me well.

I knew from the first moment of nausea, I would not make my vacation.

The worst of the experience? I wasn’t able to go on my LegalShield rewards vacation. The best of the situation? Getting the excellent care from my local hospital when I was so ill.

I am enjoying the taste of food again, have developed an appreciation for the ability to feel good, and am thankful for prayers. This may be the “Summer of My Discontent,” but I am delighted to be back on my feet!


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