“How To Silence Anne…”

My husband knew he was in trouble.

I rarely do Facebook group shopping, but when I saw a listing for “comics,” I contacted the poster and my husband and I went to her home to look over her comics.

We have a comic Ebay store.

My husband was enjoying looking through her comics (with his price guide, hello) and I was looking at the books.

There it was.

In 1997, I had wanted a book by Oxford. I was a young librarian, broke, and remember sitting on the floor of the bookstore in Atlanta and reading it. At the price the store was asking, I couldn’t afford it. But I read it. For three hours. Most of the subject matter, I knew, but I loved it.

Years passed  – marriage, teaching, kids, divorce, loss of career, remarriage, etc – I saw the book I once wanted on a top shelf. SURPRISE!!!! I had to get the tall husband to get it. The woman thought it odd I was jumping up and down with a “OH OH OH!” but I told her, “Twenty years ago or so – I wanted this book! How much?”

“One dollar, hon!”

“ONE DOLLAR!” I didn’t know whether to hug her or dance.

Two hours later, my husband is eating his dinner and I’m reading the below book happy as a clam and saying nothing. “If buying you old and used English history books shuts you up, I may have to start hitting junk stores or Facebook groups,” he teased me. About the same time, I turned the page, ignoring him.

Good things come to those that wait (or honestly, forgot about what they once wanted and couldn’t afford!)

Mine! Mine! All mine!

Hashtag #Englishhistorian

here you goooo


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