Don’t Fall for Pro-Choice Marketing


I’ve been around 25 years as post abortive. I’ve seen it all. And the cheapest “shot” the Pro-Choice movement did this week during the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade is yet another campaign, depicting actresses, who chose abortion. It’s a cheap tactic to make post abortives “connect” with them. All I do?

Is disconnect: with a movement that slammed the abortion clinic back door on me when I exited feeling as if I were dying… And I almost did.

Let me back up before you think I’m judging: I am 25 years post abortive. That means 25 years ago this March, I chose to make the worst decision of my life. I too, like the below video, can go into my sob story about how my child was expected to have fetal abnormalities, I had only had one partner my entire life, and I was a “good girl.” But who cares? I made a decision, maybe pushed on me, but in the end, I made the decision to terminate my pregnancy with my daughter.

It took years of dealing with Post Abortion Stress Syndrome before I was able to be a normal human being: one redeemed through Jesus Christ. A lone priest, upon visiting a Catholic Church, gave me his hand when I admitted my depression and why to him – and got me to help. That open hand saved my life.

My first book talks about Post Abortion Stress Syndrome, a disorder not recognized by the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association. I challenge people to find out why. It isn’t too hard to figure it out: money, funding, etc. So when I see the Pro-Choice movement machine rolling again, especially on a week where we women hashtag “WE REGRET OUR ABORTIONS” and deal with anniversary dates and the actual January 22 date: I want to say to the world:

Don’t fall for their “I feel your pain stories.” No, sister girls.  Don’t speak for me. I speak for those that went through the fire and came out…redeemed. That is where I #drawtheline.






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