The Big F Word or Passing Along What I Promised Dr. McKenzie


I have been blogging for years – but being out front and blogging has enabled me to develop some friendships from Villa Rica, Georgia to my New Zealand ladies. Few I actually put a face to – save we venture from emails to Facebook – but next week, I will go with a Cyber Friend to helping her overcome the “F” word.


What word did you think I meant?

She wrote me last night, “Anne, I got something on my mind. If you could do something over again and could, maybe could, would you?”

I emailed her back: “Depends on the could.”

She whipped back: “My could is pretty big. It will affect my entire life. Change it too.”

I grinned: “Is it positive could?”

I could hear her grunt: “Yes – and no.”

Her evasiveness and desire for me to help her prompted me to call this woman. “It’s Anne, yes, the blog lady. What in the heck is the could?”

She told me.

I informed her that despite not having a counseling degree, I had extensive years in her could and her could – well – could happen.

“Do you have a road plan?”

“No. Just a dream.”

“Get a pencil and paper.”

I heard her drop her cell, run and get pencil and paper, and we did a mini road plan.

“There you go. Now do it.”

She began to wail.

“I can’t! I’ll fail!”

“What is on #4 on the road plan?” I felt like smacking my head.

“Financial aid inquiry and doing my financial aid forms with the help of a financial aid counselor,” she returned.

“What’s #1 on your road plan?”

“Going to West Georgia Technical College and speak to Admissions, Career Counselor, and Financial Aid.”

“There you go.”

“But I can’t! They’ll turn me away!”

We reviewed her dream – and we discussed her tax records – and we discussed what was really keeping her back.

The “F” word.

She owned up to being fearful.

“What’s it going to take to get you over your fear, honey?” I asked this woman whom I have never met, but she loves my blogs and she emails me funny cartoons and she is a very intelligent and lovely older woman.

“I don’t know. However, I cannot go. I cannot. I am old. I am scared. I’m…”


“Yes, Anne. I’m fearful.”

Before I could stop the Save the Cheerleader, Save the World mentality of sixteen years of teaching, I asked her, “Honey, you want me to go with you?”

She screamed before she said yes.

Therefore, I am going with her, on Wednesday morning, to a technical school to encourage her and help her overcome her fear. Why? I have been there – and although I rarely had someone accompany in fearful situations, I was blessed with Gladys Hendricks, Barbara McKenzie, and other women who held me up to accomplish my dreams when I felt fearful – or the “f” word as I prefer to call it.

“So, where you taking me for lunch?” I asked her, excited to help her overcome her fear, meet my cyber friend, and actually be useful to someone as I use to be when I was a librarian.

“Pizza sound good?”

Pizza sounds divine.

Written and shared with permission by my friend – see you in Carrollton, Georgia, home of my alma mater, West Georgia College (now, University of West Georgia). This blogger overcame her fear to get into graduate school with a low score of 750 because she could not do higher math, but had a great GPA, a dream of becoming a librarian, and a professor who taught me to help people who had the “f” word in her vocabulary. Dr. Barbara McKenzie. To her, I dedicate this blog because without Dr. McKenzie, I was not going to granted acceptance on a provisional basis in graduate school. At the end of the provisional quarter, I had a 4.0.

I personally think the “f” word needs to challenged – often. And if we need a little help to overcome the “f” word, so be it.

The girl below, at 21, overcame the “f” word with the help of Dr. McKenzie’s help. Sometimes, I long to talk to Young Anne about why she felt such fear. And better yet: she never did any of that silly math on her Masters. And, yes, Young Anne accomplished her dream and overcame her fear! Graduate GPA on her Master’s degree: 3.56. Yes, you can achieve your dreams and overcome…..FEAR!

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  1. Anne, I don’t recall Fear every holding you back from reaching out! I’m glad you’ve been able to pass that along to others. To me, sometimes the first step to conquering fear is to “reach out” to others for help. Well said and done!!!

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