Hand-Holding: Seeing A Dream Happen Or Romance Writer, In Overload


The other night, in my town of Griffin, Georgia, a man and his wife awaited the final decision from the commissioners on whether their prospective business, a private instructional shooting range and gunsmith service, would come true. I was in the back, next to my husband. My husband and I have our own two at- home businesses and we support small business. As Libertarians, we believe the government needs to stay out of business and let the Adam Smith’s invisible hand just work the magic. But it isn’t my politics that prompted this blog; it’s the romance of hand-holding and the need for it in our society by married couples.

Do you hold your spouse’s hand?

Can you even remember the last time? Reaching over, taking it, squeezing it, or kissing it?

Why did you stop?

If I ever did that to my first husband, he’d passed out. We didn’t do public display of affections because I wasn’t reared to do that. I never saw my parents hold hands – and I regret to say, I thought that was normal. They were more vocal in their romantic love, not demonstrative, but children role-model what they learn. I firmly believe it hurt my first marriage at times; the second marriage, I got smarter. I hold David’s hand often. He says it is because I trip over my feet. I hold his hand because it is strong, it makes me feel safe, and I adore him. As you get older, you get wiser. I hold his hand – grocery store, walking the track, and around my child. I firmly believe that if my son, a teenager, sees his mother and stepfather role-model this one proper public display of affection, he will not make mistakes like I did. It is a very simple philosophy I embrace.

I always look for romance because I write romance as a professional ghost writer, but I rarely encounter couples hand -holding, at any age, these days – in love, mutual respect, support, etc.

I saw it at the commissioner’s meeting.

The husband waiting for the business vote reached over, as they stood in front of the commissioners, and took his wife’s hand. She squeezed it. He squeezed it back. My eyes watered up with tears and I patted my husband’s knee. I also took his hand.

“What’s up?”

“They’re in love.”

“They’re married. Duh.”

“No, he loves her. She loves him. This is THEIR dream. I’m going to cry. This is the stuff dreams are made of, David. This is so romantic.”

I sniffled.

He rolled his eyes and muttered that small business is the backbone of America and the decision would pass. He also commented I’ve been over-reading romance novels (Note: you can never over-read the genre of the romance novel) and I needed to finish up the novella I have been assigned.

Yes, I write romance. I look for it everywhere. Inspiration. Ideas. And I saw it, in a commissioner’s meeting, when two great people got their dream realized.

I wanted to say congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Ward of Full Blown Firearms of Spalding County, Georgia. What I wanted to say more than just your new business taking off: congratulations from a hopeless romantic to see two people, about my same age, hold hands and show a shared dream of a couple so devoted and so in love.

So, to my readers, reach over and take your spouse or partner’s hand tomorrow wherever you are and let your children, friends, family, and the world see it: not only is it romantic and supportive to one’s mate, it’s good role modeling. I can say with 100% accuracy I know two couples in Griffin, Georgia who hold their spouse’s hand. Can we add a few others?

P.S. Support small business. The website for the Wards’ new business is at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Full-Blown-Firearms/813076345429844.

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