Best Holocaust Young Adult Reads


When I did my National Boards, my main focus was on Holocaust instruction: from evaluating websites for content to selection of literature. I even had the Holocaust Commission chair visit our school. It was an amazing experience – and an added highlight was making the friendship and acquaintance of several Holocaust survivors.

My first memory of the Holocaust was being babysat by a German woman in our Florida motel; I had traced her number with my small hand and asked her about it. My father was embarrassed; she was informative. She took my hand and told me about her experience as a young woman at Ravensbrück. She owned the motel with her husband, another survivor, and they enjoyed our yearly visits. We have Jewish ancestry, and she began my interest in the Holocaust experience as I grew up knowing her.

Many teachers still ask me my top recommendations for fiction for youth – and here they are. Please share this resource with your peers as we remember the liberation of the death camps in 2015. Thank you.


Prepared by Anne Hendricks Browning, NBCT, Clayton County Schools, 2010

The Book Thief (Zusak)

Number the Stars (Lowry)

The Hiding Place (ten Boom)

The Devil’s Arithmetic (Yolen)

Milkweed (Spinelli)

Yellow Star (Roy)

One Eye Laughing, the Other Weeping: The Diary of Julie Weiss (Denenberg)

Night/Dawn (Wiesel)

No Pretty Pictures (Lobel)

Torn Thread (Issacs)

Anne Frank and Me (Bennett)

I Have Lived One Thousand Years (Jackson)

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