Passionate Collector Sees Long Term Investment Pay Off


David Childress began collecting comics as a child – and learned the craft of comic preservation. From his early teen years until the Great Recession in his forties, Childress estimated his passion was worth $1.8 million in 2008. By 2013, as the family turned an economic corner and left engineering for the freedom of direct sales, the collection supplements their family income.

“With Ebay, I make between $800 to $1400 a month on average,” he commented, as he hauled new long boxes of comics, full of DC, Marvel, and Dark Horse titles, into his Griffin, Georgia home.

Childress belongs to over 500 Facebook Groups and emails an updated list of comic titles in an Excel file. Women are far as California to Maine purchase comics to do crafts with or buy their sons comics. “It keeps comics alive,” Childress commented, “But we have to face the future of the printed comic is at risk of dying out due to the digital age. Collectors serve a purpose to maintain the joy of reading comics to the next generation.”

One comic shopper, who found Childress on Ebay, uses cut up comics to make custom art work for children’s furniture. Her work? Brilliant. Does it bother Childress to see his former collection be used for art? “Children like the furniture and see the images of Batman, Spiderman, and Wonder Woman – and they will become the future of comic collectors. It also supports small business dreams of individuals and if I can empower that in any way, I’m delighted.”

People interested in seeing Childress’ Excel list need only to email him at In the meanwhile, two locations house the collection and he has a 100% satisfaction rating on Ebay…That in itself states that this avid comic book collector is also a hard-working businessman!

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